Photography prints to hang in a yoga studio with Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost

Photos for a Yoga Studio?

What kind of photos would I select from my library to hang in a yoga studio? Hmm, good question. I used to do a lot of studio/product work but that was all food and jewelry. I don't have stock type photos of dew on grass or a balanced stack of rocks. That's what comes to mind when I think yoga studio. This was a fun challenge to put together an image collection that I would enjoy seeing on the walls of my local yoga studio when I practice.

Since I mostly shoot travel locations along with some nature and landscape, I immediately ruled out my travel and location specific photos. What made sense to me was either a colorful collection of blues, yellow, oranges, reds, greens to have a nice spectrum of contrast... or black and whites. Colors are my thing; and I am learning to be more restrained and realistic with my final saturation and color contrast if you know what I mean.

Yes this sunset over the Mangrove trees in Roatan Honduras really was that bright and colorful; no tricky processing on that one. Trees wasn't a conscious theme; it just kind of came together that way.

I don't edit a lot of photos in monotones, but black and white is really calming to me so surely we have to have some of those in the collection for them to choose from right?
The BeWell studio is in the small town where I live. Milliken, Johnstown, Windsor Colorado region are rural farming and ranching communities. Would some photos of the local community be appealing to those who practice here? People always like to see an artistic representation of scenes they're used to seeing every day, so I add a few photos from around town.
Next I consider my images from China and Indonesia. A yoga studio should have that zen Buddha vibe right? Okay, I'll put some of those in the collection too. Now that I spent an afternoon in that corner of my photo library I really want to plan another trip to Southeast Asia.
Will the owner of this establishment think I'm nuts or follow my reasoning for the type of photos I put in this collection? I don't know, but the exercise in itself was fun. Making a collection for this type of audience is different than considering a gallery of the photos that I personally think are my best. I really do enjoy the process of thinking through what I can share with people that will really connect with them in the way that they need. Every type of media is unique. Hanging a photo on a wall is so satisfying because people can spend time with it and enjoy it many times as opposed to seeing a photo for a few seconds like we do on social media.
Photos for a Yoga Studio?

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