Photo Editing Progress

New Problems Mean Progress

A Wacom to solve my problem? I believe encountering new problems means that you are growing and stretching yourself into new places. By taking on new challenges you are introduced to new problems that you haven’t solved before. Approaching and overcoming those problems means that you grow. So that’s all well and good and I do believe it holds true…when you’re doing critical thinking or developing a new creative process. I’m not sure today’s problem qualifies as a growth problem; maybe it’s just a problem problem. That makes sense right?

If you’ve ever done much image editing work in photoshop or design work you’ve possibly experienced wrist ache from using a mouse to paint, clone, mask, make selections or any other repetitive tasks. I reached that point last week and purchased my first tablet; a Wacom Intuos 4

. Used. Yep, I’m cheap. Plus I have to see if I like it before going all in on a fancy shmancy new tool. I’ve read mixed reviews about whether a tablet really solves this problem or not.

I watched some tutorials about using a Wacom for editing photos including this one from Phlearn which is one of my favorite youtube channels for all things Photoshop. It seems pretty easy to setup and start using, lots of photographers and retouchers swear by them, and I’m starting to do a lot more retouching on photos so it made good sense to give this a try. Is this a growth problem or just a problem problem? We’ll see if my work gets any better and then decide. Wacom Photo Editing


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