Here you’ll find videos, images and media material to download. This information is provided for anyone who has an audience of cycling, photography, or adventure travel enthusiasts and you want to share something new and interesting with them. I have spoken on stage in front of thousands of people and presented to groups of just a few people. I'm not chasing numbers, but rather honest conversations about exploring through photography, cycling, or travel. I am fairly certain that nothing like this exists in the world already so I prepared these materials to help educate people about it. Not sure, where to start?

If  you do podcasts or want to do a full interview (which I would be absolutely thrilled to do) Download the Description & Talking Points.

If you want something ready to publish, Download the 1000 Word Introduction or 400 Word Summary article. You can publish either of those exactly as is if you wish.

New content is added when new videos and interviews are available. The written content downloads have contact info details. Or feel free to contact me at for interviews and more info! If you stumbled across this page by accident but you know somebody who would think this is cool, use the social sharing buttons at the top and bottom of this page to pass it along. Thank you!

Usage Guidelines

I am very happy for customers, partners and press to use Intentionally Lost resources without contacting me for prior permission. If you're using these assets on a website or a social media post, I would also love for you to include a link back to this site as well as relevant alt text and title attributes. An HTML example:

<a href="" title="Intentionally Lost - cycling and photography adventures">
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Download full press kit

This download contains all photos, videos and writing content, or you can pick what suits your needs from the selections below.

Videos you can publish and share anywhere

Scouting the Morocco Bike Tour

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Colorado Fall Colors Bike Tour

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Writing Content Downloads

Narrative description about the tours, why I started them, planning bits, etc. This is the conversational approach for big picture people who want the what, why and how.

IMAGES YOU CAN USE in long form or social posts (also part of the full download zip file).

Articles, Podcasts and Interviews