Who is This Guy?
I would much rather browse photos than read articles. I don’t really even like video that much. I prefer a picture. It’s more like a book. Okay, now I just sound crazy right?

I get to read a book and imagine how the people look and what their voice sounds like and what they care about and do with their free time – I project my own reality into their story as I read it. The same is true of a still image. I project my own experiences into that image as I look at it. Maybe I remember having been there, or that I’ve never been there and I want to go, or it might remind me of another place and time altogether. These are the reasons we print and hang photos in our homes; nevermind the conversation about whether you call it art or not. Now that I think about it, anything that jumpstarts my imagination is right up my alley. Give me a picture; that’s a good place to start.

Kevin Wenning

Intentionally Lost?
When I travel, I plan time to let my curiosity take me to places I never researched or intended to visit before I got off the plane. Being lost means you will discover things about the place that you didn’t know were there, and you will probably discover things about yourself that you didn’t know were there. Being Lost is an opportunity to be somebody you didn’t know you could be. That’s what I’m going for when I travel, and it is equally as useful to apply that to a creative process. No matter how long you have been practicing your craft, aspire to the state of the beginner. – your skills and experience will still be there, but look at every scene as if you’ve never seen anything like it before.

Bike Photography Tours? What?
I like to experience a place from a bike seat. I also like to experience the world with my camera. I wanted to take a bicycle vacation designed for photographers. As far as I can tell, they don’t exist so I’m rolling my own. This is not a big business affair where I organize logistics and then wish you happy travels. I plan and ride on each trip with you.

Partnering with local businesses to support the rides is very important to me. Habib from Open Doors Morocco took this photo of me when we pulled over on Tizi n Test pass in Morocco. The tour operators aren’t just there to support the ride. They are ambassadors to initiate us to their part of the world as well.

Kevin Wenning

Lessons Learned
In this golden age of good inexpensive digital cameras, the barriers to entry are low and getting started is easy. Everyone is a photographer. I actually believe that. Okay; so, now what? Will photography and art separate itself from those who are only practicing visual literacy? (more on that as soon as I write that thesis statement).

There is a huge difference between a snapshot taken with your phone and a purposefully composed image, and a lot of tech and social and artistic endeavor that comes along with it all. So why do we practice photography? Lessons Learned man, lessons learned.

Using my Photos. If you want to put a photo on your phone or desktop as a wallpaper; go for it. Photos are becoming more and more of a commodity. Photos and the experiences they represent should be shared rather than hoarded. All Photos in the portfolio carry a Creative Commons-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. This means that if you want to print and display an image in your home or business, or use it to sell or promote something, there is a fee involved.

If you’re a business; you might want to consider my Employee Art Program to display works from your own employees.

If you wish to post my photos on a personal, non-commercial web site (such as a blog), or use for school papers, no licensing fee is required and I’m more than happy for you to reuse my images. No altering of the photos is allowed other than re-sizing and you must give me credit and link to IntentionallyLost.com. 

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