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Ride and Photograph Interview with TJ Windsor

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TJ Windsor currently lives in Longmont Colorado; riding his bike and practicing his photography around Boulder and the foothills of Northern Colorado. After growing up playing competitive hockey in Maryland he embraced cycling with the same spirit. Riding hard and competing were his signature and purpose for being on the bike. He started taking photos on group rides and friends immediately noticed that he was good at it. When he started to slow down and notice the scenery he was riding through; his photography took on a new purpose both on and off the bike. #cowboyroadie

TJ actually got into photography after making photos during his bike rides and friends encouraged him that he had a talent for it. I love that. That was an unexpected answer and part of this conversation. Usually people are photographers and decide to use the bike to explore new places for their photography. Cycling inspiring someone to start practicing and taking their photography seriously is just so cool. He has already developed a strong composition and editing style both for cycling photos and for enjoying the landscapes he rides through. 

We talk about the effect his background in competitive hockey has on his cycling and how he's looking forward to practicing more photography; maybe even at Colorado cycling events. The only problem is that he's going to want to get out there and race with the riders he's photographing. I did forget to ask TJ what his #cowboyroadie hashtag means.

0:55 Transition from hockey and getting into cycling
12:30 Starting to add photography to his rides
13:10 How do you make good photos and still enjoy your rides
15:00 What camera do you carry on your rides
15:22 What kind of photos he takes while riding
21:09 When and why did you start practicing photography
28:30 What he uses to edit the photos
33:30 Developing a photo editing style and learning from others
36.35 Other cycling photographers TJ recommends following
38.26 What are you doing next with your riding and photography?
40:05 Where you can follow TJ online
41:15 Where would you most like to ride and photograph in the world?

Find and follow TJ at his Instagram and his Strava profiles. He rides a ton so you'll always be seeing new #coloRADo and #cowboyroadie photos.

Other cycling photographers he recommended following:

Ride and Photograph Interview with TJ Windsor

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