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Ride and Photograph Interview With Jussi Lyons – Photography Talk

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Jussi Lyons hails from Scotland but now lives in Shanghai, China. As an avid traveler he can be found taking pictures around the world. Photographer, pilot and entrepreneur - this bicycle riding chat has many caps and many talents. He is a founding member of Clean Republic which is an e-bike manufacturer in Seattle. His passion for photography started while living in Sendai, Japan back in 2012 and has become a big part of his life.

Jussi has clearly put in his time practicing photography purposefully. Through the course of our conversation it's clear that he has traveled to many locations purely for the joy and the challenge of photographing them. He talks about going to a place of discomfort to improve himself. I don't love being uncomfortable, but I do love it as a tool to expand my capabilities. It's rare to meet someone who feels at home anywhere they are in the world, and can see the beauty around them even in the midst of discomfort. I think Jussi is one of those people.

" share the passion for cycling. To share the passion for being out there in nature, for getting out there in the world, for doing things, for being creative. The joy really comes from sharing with other people and encouraging them to join in on it and get what I get out of it."

  • 0:23 This is part 2 of a two part interview. We cover mostly photography on this half of the interview
  • 1:10 Introducing Jussi Lyons
  • 1:43 When did your photography start?
  • 8:43 Switching from taking photos to making photos
  • 12:38 Do you photograph during your rides?
  • 21:30 Enjoying the process and taking your craft seriously
  • 26:10 Tell us about your photography process and post-processing
  • 40:18 Where do you most want to ride or photograph in the world?
Ride and Photograph Interview With Jussi Lyons - Photography Talk

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