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Ride and Photograph Interview with Jussi Lyons – Electric Bikes

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Jussi Lyons hails from Scotland but now lives in Shanghai, China. As an avid traveler he can be found taking pictures around the world. Photographer, pilot and entrepreneur - this bicycle riding chat has many caps and many talents. He is a founding member of Clean Republic which is an e-bike manufacturer in Seattle. His passion for photography started while living in Sendai, Japan back in 2012 and has become a big part of his life.

This is part one of a two part interview. Check out part two for more discussion with Jussi about his photography.

Electric bicycles have been growing in popularity; primarily in the US. I asked some people I met on the Ragbrai ride about their e-bike but otherwise I didn't know much about them. What kind of components is the bike made of, how long does the battery last, does it make your bike feel any different? I also wanted to know if the conversion kits are something you can travel with. Who are electric bicycles best for and what are their limitations? Well, who better to ask than someone who makes and markets electric bikes.

"...why wouldn't we want to share what we do with people who are not able to get out? Let's say... they're older, they have some kind of disability, they have some kind of injury, they're not in good enough shape to go ride; this allows them to participate in what we care about and love so much."

  • 0:23 This is part 1 of a two part interview. We talk mostly about electric bikes on this half of the interview
  • 1:10 Introducing Jussi Lyons
  • 4:45 What kind of rider are you?
  • 6:13 Why electric bikes?
  • 12:17 Specifics about e-bikes and traveling with an electric bike kit
  • 18:30 What's your daily involvement with Clean Republic?
  • 19:20 Dakota Lithium stored energy / lithium batteries business
  • 21:40 Full electric bike builds
  • 22:47 Who manufactures the parts and components?
  • 23:30 What is the worldwide market for electric bicycles?
  • 25:07 Regulations on e-bikes
  • 28:43 Contact Hilltopper Bikes with any questions about e-bikes, conversion kits, and read the FAQs to get familiar with e-bikes.
Ride and Photograph Interview with Jussi Lyons - Electric Bikes

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