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Ride and Photograph interview with Jake Dancer

Seymour Dogood interview with Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost

Seymour DoGood is just that; all about seeing more of your city, and lifting it up every chance you get!  My real name is Jake Dancer,  and I’ve been exploring on my bike for a few years now. I  Love pushing the limits of my mileage and exploring as far as I can. In a city like Kansas City Missouri; it seems like no matter how many times I take familiar routes, I always discover something new and worthwhile.  I’m in love with cycling, in the freedom that comes with it and I am trying my best to enhance my journey with captures that hopefully show you there’s always more than one way to look at something!

Jake's story should resonate with anyone who loves bikes as a means to see a place from a new perspective. Freedom, awareness and appreciating the places he rides through were the themes I heard during this interview. Jump to 32:00 to hear about why he created the Seymour Dogood handle and what he wants that to mean for urban cyclists.

"When I started riding and I was proud of how far I was riding and I was just enamored with the places that I was seeing by way of bike; I wanted to capture that. And I wanted to leave a breadcrumb trail that says, "This is who I am. I've been there. And not only was I there but I appreciated this spot beyond just riding through it. I took the time to see as much as I could see, and photography is really just a way to capture that whole idea."

  • 1:20 Who is Jake Dancer?
  • 3:45 What kind of riding do you do?
  • 5:00 What bike or bikes are you riding right now?
  • 7:00 Do you plan spots to make photos or just photograph whatever happens to be around?
  • 9:10 Tell us about your photography style and how you made some of the images.
  • 12:10 What kind of camera do you ride with?
  • 13:45 What got you started on cycling?
  • 15:35 What's your primary purpose for riding
  • 16:25 When did the photography on your rides start - more about making some of the photos during his rides.
  • 24:15 Learning to appreciate "intelligent photography".
  • 27:00 How both cycling and photography build confidence and expand your awareness.
  • 29:30 Do cycling and photography serve common purposes or different purposes for you?
  • 32:45 Tell us about Seymour DoGood about?
  • 35:00 Where would you most want to ride and photograph in the world?

If you're in Kansas City Missouri, pay him a visit at Cycle City in Parkville.

Ride and Photograph interview with Jake Dancer

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