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Ride and Photograph Interview with Galen Stilgebauer

Ride and Photograph video interview series with Kevin Wenning and Intentionally Lost

Galen Stilgebauer is 45 years old and has been cycling since he was 12. Galen rode a lot when he was younger and rode consistently until about 28. At that time he got into doing electrical work; focused on that for 10 years and cycling took a back seat. One day he looked in the mirror, decided he needed to get back on the bike and life on the bike has been a major part of his life ever since.

Galen spent the next years "racing anything on two wheels" and became good enough to race Cat-3. When he picked up the camera to document rides for his club and for partners like Castelli he took that equally as serious and became a professional at his photography both on and off the bike. #ridebikestakephotos

Galen Stilgebauer is a unique and passionate personality. I hope you enjoy his interview and story as much as I enjoyed talking with him.

  • 0:18 Introducing Galen Stilgebauer
  • 1:05 Beginning racing at age thirty eight
  • 4:18 Evolution of his riding turning towards business and ambassador interests
  • 7:00 Designing fun cycling kits
  • 9:33 When did the photography start?
  • 11:25 What camera gear do you carry on your rides and how do you carry it?
  • 14:33 We look at some of his non-cycling photography
  • 16:13 When and why Galen started making photos during his rides.
  • 21:02 Do cycling and photography benefit you in mutual ways or in different ways?
  • 22:23 The story behind a few of his shots from the bike.
  • 29:50 We talk about his year long trip in Italy that is just about to come to a close.
  • 35:33 Where to find and follow Galen online

Enterprising people look at everything as a possibility. More importantly they are ready to take advantage of opportunities that come their way. When other people would probably ask why, the first response for adventurous and enterprising people is "why not." How many people would start bike racing at an age when most riders are finishing a full career? How many people would move to Italy to live and explore by bike for a year?

"Enjoy what you can do while you can do it. You know every day is a gift. And you not only have to have some money but be healthy enough mentally and physically to be able to go out and do these things especially as you get older."

Off the bike he made creative cycling kits as part of an ambassadorship with Castelli, started Colorado Cycling Adventures and does amazing photography at cycling events and races.

Getting straight to the point for my audience on these interviews; Galen very easily and eloquently stated the benefit to practicing photography along with our rides. Just the act of thinking about our surroundings in terms of what it would look like through the lens makes us observe it more purposefully.

"...having a camera and looking through a viewfinder slows me down a little bit and makes me focus."

If you're interested in the sweet cycling kits send him a DM on Instagram.

Partners and friends of Galen that he mentioned in this interview:

Ride and Photograph Interview with Galen Stilgebauer

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