Join me for an upcoming photo adventure somewhere in the world. Why travel for a photography workshop?

  • Every scene is new and fresh and fascinating when you travel just like you were excited for every new experience as a kid. Being in front of new things in a new environment shifts perspective so curiosity and creativity flow more easily.
  • Composing a frame while discussing it alongside other photographers gets you unstuck and gives you new ideas. Share your own knowledge with other guests and ask questions of any other guests. Creative growth is best as a shared experience, not as a one way lecture.
  • Learning through practice is 126%* more effective and enjoyable than sitting at a computer watching videos of somebody explaining something.
  • Working with local operators in each country is incredibly important to me. The tour operators aren't just there to support the ride. Local "fixers" are essential for everything from getting access to unique locations to providing subjects and models for our photos, to serving as translators. They are ambassadors to initiate us to their part of the world. These people are often a highlight of the locations we visit just as much as the rides and photography are.
*percentages may be estimated or completely made up

Next Trip

Our 2021 bike trip to Italy was successful and Covid free!

Truth be told I'm not positive I will plan another combined cycling and photography trip.  The number of people in the space where multi day cycling enthusiasts and eager hobbyist photographers overlap is a small niche indeed and has not been enough to pay for the costs of developing and running the tours.

For organized bike trips plan your next vacation with Experience Plus! I can't praise them enough from working with the office staff, to the bikes to the in country guides and ground operations.

Bike tours with Experience Plus

Future photography trips will be planned and posted here when travel regulations and Covid testing requirements are relaxed at our destination locations and transit airports throughout the world. Subscribing to notifications is the best way to get new content. If you'd like to get just one email from me when tours are back on, share your email here so I can notify you. 

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Past Tours

tuscany cycling tour and photography workshop with Kevin Wenning and Intentionally Lost #intentionallylost

Tuscany in May or September

Bike Tour through the heart of Tuscany Italy. Ride through this UNESCO "World Heritage Landscape" to visit and photograph Val D'Orcia landscapes, and the Tuscan Villages of Cortona, Pienza, San Quirico  Montalcino, and Siena. End with two photography days in Cinque Terre Park.

Road Cycling - 5 riding days; approximately 190 miles total
Photography - 14 organized photo locations and 2 photo review and editing sessions.

Colorado, US in September

A 5 day, 6 night tour cycling 110 miles and photographing the peak of the fall colors season in the Colorado Rockies with stops at Maroon Bells, Crystal Mill and Hanging Lake.

Morocco in March or October

For groups of four or more and trip dates and routes are customized for each group of guests. Choose a tour through the north of Morocco to visit Chefchaouen, Volubilis, Meknes and Fez ending with two days in the Sahara Desert. Or choose a tour in the south of Morocco to visit the Sahara Desert, Dades Gorge, Tamnougalt, Ait Ben Haddou, Amtoudi and Tinmel Mosque.

What is a Cycling & Photography Tour?

A bicycle vacation organized for photography enthusiasts. We ride for escape and adventure; not for stats or bragging rights. Tours provide a balance of rich photo locations and moderate to challenging rides. You should train before coming on a trip, but you won't need so much recovery time that you can't enjoy the photo stops. The goal is to have an active vacation and stimulate your creative energy with a group of people who share the same passions.

"You were fantastic; so don’t take this the wrong way, but I think traveling with local guides really made the trip something else. Their willingness to share knowledge about local life, history and culture was fantastic and I really enjoyed the time just talking. The guides were so kind and so much fun."

"Every place we stayed was way above what I was expecting! I felt soooo spoiled." 

"Communication was excellent in planning the tour. You answered all my silly little questions."

"I would do this again for sure. The balance between rides, photography and relaxing time on our own has felt just right."

"Food was way too good!!! I didn’t really think I’d be able to enjoy it much with my diet restrictions. You and the guides did an amazing job of making sure there was yummy food I could eat."

"Happy to see ya another time. Best team ever!" - Aziz Sabri, Morocco bike guide