I get as much creative enjoyment out of putting these together as I do from practicing, perfecting and learning techniques and skills to share. I'll continue adding more photography tutorials as often as I have the time and inspiration to create them.

Photography Refresher Exercises - What is a Good Photo #intentionallylost Intentionally Lost
Free photography exercises, camera skills and essential photography concepts, Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost
Photography Refresher Exercises - Directing Viewer Attention #intentionallylost Intentionally Lost
Photography Refresher Exercises - camera skills, situational skills, photo principles #intentionallylost Intentionally Lost
This guide is designed as a reminder of key photography principles for anyone who doesn’t practice photography on a regular basis. Are you planning an epic vacation and you want to come home with images you’re proud of? Do you have a quality camera that you haven’t used in years and you want to start practicing your photography with purpose again? Or maybe you're at the beginning of your photography journey to create photos that make people stop and appreciate them. This is for you.
Basic Photo Editing Video Tutorial - components of an image video #intentionallylost Intentionally Lost
Basic Photo Editing Tutorial - Common concepts and workflow video #intentionallylost Intentionally Lost
Basic Photo Editing Video Tutorial - universal edits vs selective edits to an image #intentionallylost Intentionally Lost
Basic Photo Editing Video Tutorial - common photo editing mistakes #intentionallylost Intentionally Lost
If you're ready to move past filters and presets to take more creative control over editing your images then this is for you. I created this series of videos to demystify the components of an image and give you the ability to jump into any photo editing software and start working effectively. This is my answer to the pain points I had when learning to process my own photos. Understanding these principles will empower you to edit your photos.  They will also help you to make better photos at the point of capture.
Photography Exercises - choosing your subject #intentionallylost Intentionally Lost
Photography Exercises full series by Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost Intentionally Lost
Understanding the components of an image so you can learn to edit your photos in any software #intentionallylost
Photography Exercises full series by Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost

Photography Exercises reinforcing essential camera skills and preparing you for the full range of travel photography scenarios. Each 30-40 minute video gives you exercises, tips and tricks to practice that will refresh your photography skills. Visualize scenes and photo opportunities to be prepared for in a specific travel scenario, review your mechanics with the camera skills videos, or dive into concepts and soft skills on how to make impactful photos. Each video stands alone so you can do just the video and worksheet that applies to the scenario you want to brush up your skills on. 

Camera skills videos: shutter speed, aperature, focus points

Travel Scenarios: landscape, action & motion, street, cultural, wildlife, long exposure

Make impactful photos: what is a good photo, choosing your subject, directing viewer attention

BONUS:  Basic Photo Editing concepts for any photo and any editing software

Photography Tutorials