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Where the Heck are all Your Photos?

Own your media so you can streamline your workflow. This video covers is about my frustration with all of the backup services trying to own my cloud storage, and how I retrieve edits and originals from social services and online backups.

Beginning Photo Management is something any photographer should get a handle on before taking thousands of photos. Modern cameras let you take the image straight from the camera to a mobile device, make edits, and then share with your networks immediately. I would make edits on my phone or iPad and then never save that edit offline. It was impossible to organize a workflow to edit my photos when I didn't even know where they all were.

So where the heck are all of your photos? A photo library with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of photos can be an immense joy when you know how to quickly find that one random image you took that a client or a friend wants to purchase. For the same reason, you may be cursing your lack of organization if you haven't planned for those use cases. Nobody likes staying on top of their organization. Let me tell you from experience that doing it after collecting 10,000 plus images to work with is even worse. Making a plan up front will save your sanity and even make it enjoyable to work with all those amazing photos that you've got big plans for.

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