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Photo Management – Import travel images into a Master Library

Photo management is a big deal. My photos don't do me any good sitting on hard drives, so anything that makes it easier to organize, edit and publish them is something that makes me happy. On a recent trip to Cuba I created a library just for the trip, made my selections and did some general editing while I was on the road. At the end of two weeks I had 4,600 photos in a library all its own. This is too many photos for a short trip, but that issue if for another post. In order to get those images into my main workflow I needed to merge that trip library back into my master library. It's super simple to do in Lightroom CC, check out the short video above on how to do that.

The reason I did this was primarily to edit and share some photos while I was away from home for a while. It's true that I don't need Lightroom to edit photos, but being consistent with how I organize and edit images is a pretty big deal to me. If I start creating ad hoc workflows based on the needs just for one situation then I'm bound to make mistakes and lose images; which of course would not make me happy. I used to just dump all photos into folders on a hard drive and then worry about organizing them when I got home. The problem is that once I arrive home, life happens and makes it more difficult to get everything in order. I plan to make a habit of doing most of the organizing and administration before I return home from now on. Then when I sit down to review my trip I can get right to the creative editing and composition of stories; and getting to that end is really what good photo management is all about.

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