Yulong Bridge on Li River

The Yulong Bridge in Yangshuo China feels like a real experience touching old world China. If you look under the bridge on the right side you can see a boat with a Cormorant bird on the bow. This is one of many spots along the Li River where you can see the fishermen bringing in a day's catch with their cormorant birds. Apparently they mostly just pose for tourists to take pictures of them now, but when I was there I saw one bird catch 4 fish for it's keeper in just 10 minutes. That's pretty effective. I've never had that much success fishing with any special method or kind of bait. On this occasion I was just there to see the beautiful Yulong Bridge on the Li River.

I'll have to return to this place at some point and get a better picture. The photo was taken with a 10 megapixel Canon point and shoot. At the time I wasn't traveling with any special equipment or cameras so I guess in a way this makes me happy that I got a good photo with what I had on me. With just a little practice in photo editing software, it's not difficult to introduce some dynamic range into a pretty ordinary image.

Yulong Bridge on the Li River in Yangshuo China with Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost
Yulong Bridge in Yangshuo

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