Intentionally Lost Tinmel Mosque Altar
Tinmel Mosque is a restored site on the Tizi n'Test pass road that goes south from Marrakesh Morocco into the Atlas Mountains. It's so difficult to get a location all to yourself when you're traveling to make photos. This was one of those locations that was recommended to me by the local guide I was traveling with, and not a place that I found in any guidebooks before my trip. The site is on a list to be granted Unesco Heritage status but that could take many years. To get entry my guide called ahead to someone who met us there with the keys. I gave him 10 euros and spent almost an hour walking around photographing the angles. With no roof and no plans to restore the roof, the light and shadows change all day long so you're sure to come away with unique photos that nobody has made here before.
Tinmel Mosque in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco with Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost
Tinmel Mosque

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