The Temple of Heaven in Beijing is a stunning place to see. I’m talking about the main temple here, not the entire park. I shared a short blurb about the main temple for WeInhabit and you can see that here on their blog along with amazing architecture from around the world.

temple of heaven

temple of heaven

The temple is surrounded by a giant courtyard so that anyone who wants to attend ceremonies can come. This design was incorporated throughout much Chinese architecture to encourage people to gather and be together for community events. A sense that everybody is in this together is one of the main feelings I got on my initial travel through China. That is still the philosophy behind maintaining parks as gathering places and why so many parks are built around preserved historical landmarks and structures.

The inside of the temple is blocked off; for good reason, to keep the original interior preserved.

temple of heaven

Now this is really cool to me. This door was built specifically for one emperor and he walked through it only once a year to attend a one ceremony. No one else has ever used this door. Temple of Heaven


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