Artistic cycling photography from Kevin Wenning and Intentionally Lost

On Summer Sunday mornings you can usually find me riding somewhere in the foothills of Northern Colorado. I rarely take a camera with me. I want to just enjoy the ride and if I find a spot that's worth photographing I'll go back later and take my time making some images.

Going out photographing with fellow cyclists at ideal times for blue hour and golden hour isn't usually possible so I mostly find myself photographing mid day under bright blue skies. Those can be great conditions to photograph your mates on a ride, or when you're creating marketing images for a client, but not so great for making artistic images. That's what your own creative vision and editing tools are for eh? I have a handful of cycling images in this style now. Maybe I should round out a full collection of them for a gallery exhibit.

Sunday morning cycling under orange skies, photography of Kevin Wenning and Intentionally Lost
Sunday Morning Cycling

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