A storm rolls in over the Erg Chebbi Desert in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, photography of Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning

I had been in this spot for maybe fifteen minutes waiting for the clouds to cover the sun. Our guide with Open Doors Morocco came up behind me and said, "We need to go. That storm is going to be on us in 10 minutes." So the light wasn't exactly where I wanted it but this was the best frame I got before I hurriedly packed up and got back to the camels.

I love watching the weather move when I'm on top of a mountain or when I can see for miles like this. I've climbed plenty of mountains but the storms in the desert sure do move differently than what I'm used to seeing. We got caught in the storm thanks to my curiosity.

A storm over Erg Chebbi Dunes in the Sahara Desert
Storm Over the Sahara

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