Savannah Lane

I was in Savannah Georgia for a quick trip and drove out past the city looking for some countryside. There's quite a lot of that in the US that's worth photographing by the way. Not that I think anybody would disagree with that. I just get a lot more love for the international photos than I do for anything from North America. Just because a photo is from your home continent doesn't make it less of a travel destination. I've been to parts of my own city that are completely new to me, and even that could be considered a travel experience of sorts.

This is the entrance to Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah Georgia. The lane is covered with oak trees just inside the main gate. I took this shot with an iPhone 4 which is all I had on me at the time. It's worth a visit sometime when I have a real camera along for the ride.

Oak Tree covered lane at Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah Georgia
I printed this one for my wife and it hangs in our home. I wish it was a better quality image but she loves it and won't let me take it down. When I printed this image I realized how limiting a small camera can be, or even how a photo that looks good on a phone will be tough to reproduce large. I haven't done a lot of image printing, but this was the first time I really thought about making better technical images so that I have more flexibility with editing and printing them. I know a lot of other people find themselves in this same spot where they like some of their images, but after printing and hanging them in their home they realize how that photo could have been so much better. That is why we keep practicing and improving. If I can be proud of my photographs that my wife prints for our home, then I can help someone else to reach that same place with their own images.
Savannah Georgia Oak Tree Covered Lane

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