The Tucson Desert at sunset is almost as pretty as it is during full spring bloom. I haven’t been there during spring bloom but maybe I can make that happen some time. I drove around for three days looking for a good vantage point to get some photos of a Saguaro Cactus at sunset and then decided maybe I should visit Saguaro National Park.

I think this is a photographer thing more than a general travel thing; we look for less trafficked places – locations that haven’t been visited a million and one times. The truth is that the places you see photos of over and over are so popular because the overlooks in national parks and pullouts along the side of the road are built there because they are the best spot to view a place from. If you want to find something unique, you have to get off the road.

Okay, soapbox rant over. For this shot I only walked a few hundred yards off the road, but sometimes when photographing landscapes, that’s all you need. “Adventure photographers” will tell you that you need to really get out in the wilderness many hours away from roads and civilization to really find good photo locations. I call bullshit. What really matters is being able to assess the environment and understand where you should be for the best conditions to get the photo you envision. Anything beyond that is just for personal enjoyment and adventure; which of course is commendable on its own.

Intentionally Lost Tuscon Desert