Northern Morocco is carpeted with olive orchards everywhere. For about half the year, they look like this. I was expecting the whole country to look like a desert punctuated by some mountains so this was a surprising sight. The next time I visit Morocco for a cycling vacation I'll plan it during the spring so we get this lush green landscape to ride through.

A couple of years a go I wouldn't have stopped to take this photo. This image is a part of my effort to see and work more on composition. Seeing lines, curves, and depth is often the best way to make interesting images during mid day harsh light. I haven't written much about this

I haven't written much about composition, and I need to work on sharing those lessons learned because composition is one of the deepest and most enjoyable things to practice in photography. For now, this is the video I watched that got me interested in practicing composition by looking at how painters work.

Rolling green olive orchards of northern Morocco during an Intentionally Lost cycling vacation and photography tour
Rolling Green Olive Orchards of Morocco

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