Oldest Pagoda in Hanoi

The oldest Pagoda in Hanoi Vietnam is an unassuming tower called Chua Tran Quoc with multiple tiers of Buddhas. I had no idea what it was when I took the  picture. What is there to say about this site? It was moved once to preserve it and also restored more than once so it must be important to the Vietnamese people and history. You can tell I’m not a  historian? For shame. No, I just like to make photos of unique things that people in other parts of the world may never have seen before.

This pagoda is the centerpiece of a Buddhist temple complex at Chua Tran Quoc in Hanoi Vietnam. Did I take pictures of the rest of the temple complex? No. Why not? Well, I didn’t know anything about coverage, nor did I plan to write about my travels when I was passing through Hanoi for the first time. So why share this picture at all if I don’t have other supporting images to tell a story around? Well, this style of pagoda was something I had never seen before and was interesting to me in and of itself. Sometimes that’s enough.

oldest pagoda

Oldest Pagoda in Hanoi Vietnam

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