Oil derricks in Northern Colorado

An oil derrick is a common sight in the fields of Northern Colorado. I thought I'd give these nodding donkeys an apocalyptic feel just for fun. I don't know how long I'll live here so I'm capturing interesting scenes while I can. I know my photo publishing is all over the place. I'm working on organizing my library to pull together collections (like a real artist might...I assume). I still like jumping around on what I'm shooting and editing because that keeps me excited to keep working.

Honestly, once you get into the habit of seeing photos, you see them everywhere. Knowing what you're looking for and why is the thing that took me a while to learn. Especially the why!! Everybody does tutorials talking about how. How to operate your camera. How to choose a camera and lenses. In my experience, the "how" of operating your equipment becomes easy once you know your why. I've put together my own intro to photography covering important mechanics but more importantly essential concepts to see and then compose good photos.

I guess my why is to make beautiful or interesting images from everyday subjects. Most commercial photography has to be obvious and documentary - just show me what's happening with no embellishment. When I photographed for clients I always wanted to make images that were more interesting and less obvious. So when I pick up my camera for personal projects I want to see the beauty in the world and then to embellish it.

Oil Derrick in the fields in Northern Colorado with Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost
Northern Colorado Landscape Dotted by Oil Derricks

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