Northern Colorado Life

I have been living in Northern Colorado for almost a year now. I was expecting it to be very rural, cut off from the rest of the world, dusty and lonely. That’s what I remember from driving across Oklahoma and Texas and I just figured it would be like my memory of those places. It’s not all pretty, but if you know where to look…and when and how… Okay, it’s just a photographer thing. I’m always looking for some good clouds in the evening when the sun dips over the mountains and turns the sky brilliant colors.

Disclaimer: nothing against Oklahoma and Texas. I was in the musical Oklahoma in college. But, um, yeah, that’s not a story I shall relive for you here.

I’ve been thinking to myself what I should do with this certain type of photo I like to collect. They are all about the things that we do with and to the world we live on. I actually kicked it off with this image the oil derricks in Northern Colorado. This project is going to have to go deeper in the archives and touch on many of the countries I have visited.

Northern Colorado Life

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