Intentionally Lost Fes Morocco

Of all the market images I have from Morocco, this one from an afternoon lost in the Fez Medina is one of my favorites. I was there at the New Year which meant the streets were ridiculously crowded. I went into the streets with just my camera. I didn't take the tripod because if I wasn't in the way of people I was being tripped over by donkeys. So quicker setups are important. Anyway I only take a tripod when I'm doing landscapes or only rarely in street situations when I have a specific creative idea to try.

I was wandering the alleyways looking for depth, shapes, light and contrast which are new composition tools I'm playing with. The best thing about them - these tools are super light weight to take with you when traveling, don't cost anything at all, and will make your photos better straight out of camera. Okay so I'm not a gear nut. I think what's between your ears is more important than what's in front of your face. Obviously I post-process most of my images, but understanding compositional tools that make a good image in the first place is becoming more important to me than over-saturating an image to grab attention.

Medinas of Fez Morocco with Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost
Medinas of Fes Morocco

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