A full moon rising over Mount Sopris in Colorado White River National Forest

This moonrise over Mount Sopris is a rare sight in Colorado. Yes, the moon does rise every day. We are on planet earth and all those cycles are consistent here. We rarely see a sunset and moonrise cycle with a completely cloudless sky. That's especially true in the mountains of Colorado.

This is one of our location stops on the fall cycling vacation in Colorado.

I had waited on the top of this ridge for about an hour waiting for the sun to set in the opposite direction and hoping for some brilliant clouds during sunset. Well, this is a classic situation where a photographer tells you that if you don't see anything interesting in front of you then just look behind you. The image out of camera was nothing special, but I've gotten into the habit of doing panoramic crops vertically and horizontally to see if they make for a more interesting frame.

I stayed for a few more hours since the center of the milky way was rising over that ridge. Clouds decided to ruin the night sky shots for me, but I got a good moonrise image out of the evening at least.

Moonrise over Mount Sopris in Colorado White River National Forest