Intentionally Lost Mary's Tomb in Jerusalem

The view from the bottom of the stairs at Mary's Tomb; better known as Tomb of the Virgin, in Jerusalem is kinda creepy and a little interesting. I had entered that door at the top of the stairs maybe five minutes prior, and was promptly turned away when I got to this point. You see, I hadn't checked the times that visitors were allowed in and they were closing for the day. I'm not one to pick up a guide book when I get to a new place, but Jerusalem is one city where I would actually recommend it. There are hundreds of sacred sights to see and they all have very strict hours and sometimes strict policies like what you can take in or what you can wear. For someone like me who usually just wings it when I'm photographing in a new city; this was a lesson to plan ahead a little better. No matter, I still got a few images that intrigued me from the location, but not as good as I would have if I had been there at the right time.

Tomb of the Virgin in Jerusalem with Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost
Mary\'s Tomb in Jerusalem

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