Last Call
I found this phone booth on PCH, Pacific Coast Highway 1 in California. There is almost no cell phone reception along the coastal highway and there are actually several of these phone booths to be found at stops along the coast. I stopped at Nepenthe in Big Sur to get some dinner and rest for a bit, then I walked out towards the ocean to see the last light of the sunset. That was in vain as the fog was too heavy and the night was already falling fast. Walking back to my car, I passed this phone booth standing back in a corner shrouded in fog and it emanated that feeling of a great story in a single frame. I ran back to my car to get a camera because the iPhone in my pocket wouldn’t serve me well in the heavy fog. There was just enough light coming from the phone booth to penetrate the fog and give off a mood. I was going for a Fiction Novel kind of feel. A friend recommended that the writing on the back of the phone booth tells the stories of those who have use this booth to make their last call. Yep, I agree.
Phone Booth on a deserted highway with Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost
Lost Highway Phone Booth

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