Lizard Lake in Marble Colorado

Let's imagine for a minute that we don't only visit a location to make a photo for our social feed and we can just enjoy the world as it unfolds in front of us. I was on my way to Crystal Mill and I would spend half a day making different images there. But on my way to Crystal Mill I passed this little gem called Lizard Lake and I had to stop and make some photos. Thanks to September in Colorado, the colors were starting to change and add some color to the scene. I love autumn. That is all.

Lizard Lake on the road to Crystal Mill with Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost
Lizard Lake in Marble Colorado


  1. Lizard Lake is a gem. My family has been going up there since I was a kid and that’s a long time. It wasn’t until this month we made it to the Crystal Mill also stunning. Fishing at Lizard Lake is so great we never managed to go any further. But it’s best to go in a 4 wheeler or small 4 wheel drive vehicle. The road is very rocky and one lane only. Hiking and biking is popular too. It’s a 4 mile hike uphill all the way. Love this area!

    1. Author

      I’ve never seen anyone camped there but I think there are a few campsites around the lake if you wanted to stay overnight. And yep, definitely best with a 4 wheel drive but it’s passable in a high clearance 2 wheel drive too.

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