Ha Long Bay Landscape

Ha Long Bay Vietnam is a beautiful place. I booked a cruise at my hotel in Hanoi and hopped on a bus to Hai Phong not knowing what to expect. We left the bay in mid day sun and I was immediately
on deck taking photos. Usually mid day pictures are too harsh for my liking, but a nice black and white edit added the depth and character that I loved about the limestone karsts rising from the ocean.

ha long bay

Black and White sunrise over Ha Long Bay Vietnam

We docked on one of these outcroppings for a walk through some caves. There are several sets of caves in the bay and I wasn’t paying attention well enough to tell you the name of the caves. I’ve done plenty of spelunking and the inside of caves all look pretty much the same to me. At some point I should do some serious caving and prove to myself that that’s not the case. Anyhow, on this occasion what interested me was the nature of these pillars of rock rising straight out of the ocean. Clearly the jungles have been growing on them for a long time so they’ve been this way forever (you’ll be very disappointed if you follow me for scientific or historical data). If you’re in this part of the world I definitely recommend a two day visit to see this awesome place.

Limestone Karts rising from the ocean in Ha Long Bay

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