sunset over the skyline of Havana Cuba #intentionallylost
After spending a couple days in old town Havana Cuba, I was curious what the city would look like from across the river with the sun setting behind the National Capitol Building. It's only a short fifteen minute ferry ride. When you go to the ferry terminal make sure you get on the one going to the north shore where the Cristo statue is. The other ferry goes east to a residential area. Yes, of course I got on the wrong ferry first and wandered around there for an hour. That's not usually a big deal to me as I enjoy a bit of aimless exploring. On this day though a friend was with me and I wasted an hour of his afternoon; apologies Chris. After we got on the correct ferry and ended up in the right place we quickly found a cab to drive us up the hill to the Cristo statue.  We didn't have a lot of time left to get the photo we were after so I decided a long exposure would give me a bit more color and interest to work with. It's probably worth noting too that with all our aimless exploring; most people we met were willing to help us, and I never once felt unsafe.
sunset over the skyline of Havana Cuba #intentionallylost
Havana Cuba Skyline


  1. A trip with you sounds perfect for me. I am an artist, always looking for inspiration for painting. The bicycle part is what makes it perfect.

    1. Author

      That’s so great to hear Linda. Also, I’ve been encouraged to add plein air painting sessions to future tours and with a little planning it’s definitely feasible for some locations. Tell your friends =~)

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