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This haunted hotel is Hosteria La Cienega in Cotapaxi Ecuador. I have lots of photos of the interior of this place. It's well preserved, the dining area is beautiful, the hotel is great for weddings. Yada yada; you can hear about all that on hundreds of travel websites. It's true the staff is very polite and superbly dressed. The rooms are very comfortable and the common areas are well appointed and even historically restored. Is this a nice place to stay? It most definitely is. Although, one of the staff told me the place is haunted.

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Is this true? I can't say.  A reportage and documentarian photographer I am not. At least I appear to be leaning away from that style. In fact I notice that given the choice between portraying a place as it is and how my imagination sees it, my imagination wins every time.

Haunted Hacienda La Cienega in Ecuador with Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost
Haunted Hotel

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