Ha Long Bay Sunset

To wrap up this trip through Ha Long Bay, our boat docked at an island with a beach for everyone to do their tourist thing on an exotic beach. I’m not one for sitting on the beach so I took a quick hike to the top of the nearest vantage point for a higher look at the bay. The sunset had just started before time was up and I had to go catch my ride out of there.

ha long bay sunset

Atop a karst in Ha Long Bay

When I return I’ll probably book a more private cruise so I can take my time and get some really good shots across more than one day. Honestly though, unless the weather is terrible it would be hard to get a bad photo here. The hike down was a little treacherous as the path is covered in jungle and the light was getting low. I made it to the boat in time to see the sunset. Sunsets right on the ocean are always so intense no matter where in the world you are.

ha long bay sunset

Sunset over Ha Long Bay Vietnam

Ha Long Bay at Sunset

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