Green Bay Indonesia

Green Bay Indonesia is a popular place for a local holiday on East Java Island. I was here on new year's eve, but this wasn't my destination. I was headed to Meru Betiri park when my driver; Rudy Hartono, pulled into a random parking area and didn't tell me where we were going or why we were stopping here. He asked me to give him ten dollars and gave me a big grin. Okay it's only $10; Let's see what happens. He came back with a cold beer for me; which is hard to find anywhere in Indonesia, and told me to follow him out to the beach. He pointed me towards a boat that was waiting for me in the water. I still didn't know where I was going, but he had found me a cold beer so he had my trust...?!

Boat ride to Meru Betiri Beach on Java Indonesia with Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost

After driving for a couple of hours through the jungle I had no idea there would be a serene beach like this at the foot of the rainforest in Java Indonesia. That massive tree standing over the beach is the first thing I saw when we rounded the point. I spent a couple of hours wandering around. They tried to talk me into playing in the waterfall spilling down the cliff. Unfortunately I wasn't planning on skinny dipping on a public beach that day and hadn't brought my trunks with me.

Green Bay Beach - Teluk Hijau in Indonesia with Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost

Once we got on our way again we drove past a spot on the hill above the beach where people were parking along the road and hiking down. And being new years eve it was quite busy so the hiking trail up and down the hill was shoulder to shoulder with people. I understood why Rudy had stopped at the next beach over and paid the $10 for me to get a 15 minute boat ride over. Traveling with a local fixer paid off yet again.

Green Bay Beach - Teluk Hijau in Indonesia with Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost
Green Bay Indonesia - Teluk Hijau

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