God Rays over Trinidad Cuba from Kevin Wenning and Intentionally Lost #intentionallylost

We were driving into Trinidad Cuba when these God Rays started to form in the clouds over the Caribbean. I snapped off a few photos from the road, but I really wanted to be up above the city somewhere to give some location context to the scene. This was my first visit to Trinidad Cuba so I had no idea where I could find a rooftop to get on top of. I ran up the hill and fortunately found a restaurant just opening for dinner that had a rooftop with this view. Luck is always good in photography; no question. But having a plan or an image in your mind is the only way to find that perfect perspective to create a photo you're after.

A fortunate moment in Trinidad Cuba when the sun was setting over the ocean and God rays broke out through the clouds over the Caribbean.  Beautiful sunsets can be found anywhere in the world if you know what to look for. 

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