A monotone photography day happens when black and white is your best option. That great light is just not happening so go monotone. Just do it. I used to be so committed to getting the great sunset shot when the sky goes off and there are deep colors all over the place. Yes, of course that’s awesome but I decided that I could be happy as a black and white man too. As a travel photographer the window of time to get an incredible frame is often limited. I try to pay attention to photographic styles both in what I like and what’s popular. I don’t know which of those this photo falls under. I guess that just depends on the decade. Respecting and learning about what makes a good photo is something I didn’t spend much time on when I was learning, but good composition is really important. The alternating lights and darks in a scene just jump out at you when you do a black and white edit, giving the scene a mood and emotion that you just can’t get with color. Go monotone. It’s okay. The colors will forgive and will still love you.

Monotone day at the coast

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