I've had my eye on this spot for a while and I'll probably return here again. I was waiting for either an overcast day or a perfect sunset to go and make a photo. I need to make an image here to hang in someone's home. My vision for the photo they want is with the pond, the row of cattails and then the mountains in the background and this is the perfect location to make that photo...when the conditions are right.

To be honest I'd love to have a beautiful color image of this spot backlit with a bright orange sunset and some mountains in the background. On this day the snow had been falling for about twenty four hours and I knew the pond was likely to be frozen over. I don't usually like to make photos on an overcast day but I'm learning to like the effect of a solid cloud cover when I want to make a black and white image since the sky is nice and clean. If I can't have a pink and purple sunset I'll take a high contrast black and white scene any day thank ya very much.

Frozen farmhouse pond #intentionallylost
Frozen Winter Pond at the Farmhouse

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