Cormorant Fisherman

A Cormorant Fisherman in China isn’t unusual but on this trip I had no plans of getting a photo of them. I finished digging through my Yangshuo pictures and I guess I did have a picture of a Cormorant Fisherman from my stop on the Yulong River.

It’s not the typical sunrise picture with the lanterns that photographers pay these guys to pose for. He was actually fishing with the birds, and I sat on a raft in the river and watched him for about ten minutes. Each bird would go under the water, catch a fish, and come back to the surface. The fisherman picked up the bird out of the water on the end of his pole and put the bird back on his raft. Then he picked up the bird and held them by the neck until they coughed up the fish into his basket. After a couple of minutes the bird jumped back in the water to catch another fish. Yep, outsourcing your work to a subcontractor is used in just about every profession.

cormorant fisherman

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