Buffalo Bill Reservoir in Wyoming from Kevin Wenning and Intentionally Lost

I was in Wyoming to view the Solar Eclipse in 2017. My brother in law loves to photograph anything in the sky and he did come away with a really cool series of photos. I spent an evening putting together this panorama with his frames in photoshop while enjoying a bottle of rum with him if I remember correctly.


My best image of the eclipse was rather pedestrian in comparison.


My favorite image from this trip was during sunrise on the morning of the eclipse. I was driving out from our cabin on Buffalo Bill Reservoir. There was a lone Pelican just hanging out on the water and the sun hadn't quite come up over the ridgeline in the east. The beauty of travel photography is usually in the moments that we don't plan.

Sunrise over Buffalo Bill Reservoir with Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost
Buffalo Bill Reservoir Wyoming

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