Borobudur Temple

I visited Borobudur Temple early in the morning hoping to get some epic sunrise photos. Don't try to go in before sunrise even if there is a side gate open. That's a long story not worth re-telling. I recommend that you just go to the main entrance and buy a ticket like everybody else. Well, the weather didn't cooperate and the morning was completely overcast with clouds. Okay, okay, so I have to work a little bit to find some good photos. That's fine with me. Usually if the scene is a bit flat I'll look for good compositions or something that could make a good black and white image.

After walking around for a while I found a break in the crowds at the stupas.

Buddha in an open stupa at Borobudur Temple

A few minutes later a couple of monks showed up and started doing their morning prayers. If there's a chance for a cultural moment I'm never going to pass that up. Usually I like to talk to whoever I'm photographing and get their consent. In this case I tried several times to make eye contact with the monks and indicate that I wanted to make a photo. They just kept going about their practice ignoring all of the tourists and photographers. I got the feeling that they experience this on a daily basis and my presence was just part of the noise that they have become accustomed to tuning out.

Buddhist Monks circle the stupa at Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta Indonesia
A visit to Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta Indonesia at sunrise. What kind of photos can you make here if the sunrise doesn\'t cooperate.

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