Beijing Architecture

Beijing Architecture varies widely because so much history is still alive and preserved here. Everywhere you go around Beijing you will see old and new structures side by side. There are definitely plenty of high rises and office buildings that remind you this is a modern mega city. The Olympic Village and the Bird's Nest are good examples that the world has imposed new styles here recently. But walk just a few blocks from that and you can find neighborhoods that look as though they haven't changed in a hundred years; more even. I prefer to romanticize foreign cities when I visit. The old temples around Beijing are very well preserved and the new ones add to rather than detract from the sense that you have stepped back in time.

This photo and several others from this trip through China were taken on an iPhone 4 before I started traveling with a "real camera". This one is actually hanging in the hallway of my home. It is definitely possible to create images worth hanging on a wall using only the most basic photography tools.

Old world architecture in Beijing China with Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning #intentionallylost
Beijing Architecture Honors Old Traditions

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