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McWay Falls Coast

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McWay Falls Coast, in the summer, under heavy fog. Sigh. I was hoping for a clear sky to see McWay Falls with some stars. I do try to plan photography trips around a colorful sunset or clear sky or any kind of good weather really. In my opinion the trick to getting good photos; especially when traveling, is to not …

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Hiilawe Falls in Waipio Valley

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Hi’ilawe Falls is at the back of Waipio Valley, accessible by either an easy or difficult hike depending on the recent weather. Some days it’s unreachable altogether if the stream is too high and dangerous. The day we went was a beautiful sunny day, but the past two days had been rainy so we didn’t know what to expect. The …

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Savannah Georgia Oak Tree Covered Lane

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I was in Savannah Georgia for a quick trip and drove out past the city looking for some countryside. There’s quite a lot of that in the US that’s worth photographing by the way. Not that I think anybody would disagree with that. I just get a lot more love for the international photos than I do for anything from …

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Solitary Sunset

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I spent about 30 minutes taking photos of a herd of Bighorn Sheep in the Badlands during sunset and was about to pack up for the night when a lone sheep broke from the herd and settled on this ridge all alone. There were maybe 20 people out on the road taking photos, and the herd of sheep stayed right …

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Cupid’s Span – An Unbroken Memory

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Cupid’s Span is an art installation just south of Embarcadero along the San Francisco Bay. I went out this night intending to take pictures of the Bay Bridge and I didn’t even know this giant bow art installation was there. I’m sure locals and frequent visitors to San Francisco know this place already but it was new to me. This was actually the …

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McWay Falls Trail at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

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The McWay Falls  Trail in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park along Pacific Coast Highway 1 is pretty short but still difficult to navigate in the dark, and in the fog. I went late one evening hoping to get some sunset photos. Clouds rolled in and the fog was too thick to see anything. So I came back after dark because …

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Pandora’s Box Metal Sculpture

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This Pandora’s Box sculpture is at Porter Sculpture Garden just outside Sioux Falls South Dakota. The sculpture garden is created by Ron Porter. He turned common scrap metal into art sculptures. Most of the art sculptures tend towards the bizarre like this one. Well it didn’t feel right to do something less than unusual with this image. This is not …

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Lost Highway Phone Booth

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I found this phone booth on PCH, Pacific Coast Highway 1 in California. There is almost no cell phone reception along the coastal highway and there are actually several of these phone booths to be found at stops along the coast. I stopped at Nepenthe in Big Sur to get some dinner and rest for a bit, then I walked out towards …