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Kawah Ijen Night Miners

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You’ve always wanted to do a four a.m. hike down a mountain in the dark ending at an acid sulphur lake right? Have I got just the place for you. I included Mount Ijen on my shot list for a one week trip around Java. The reason to go so early is to reach the bottom of the crater before sunrise and see the blue fires of ignited gas emitting from the vents of the volcano.

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Borobudur Temple

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I visited Borobudur Temple early in the morning hoping to get some epic sunrise photos. Don’t try to go in before sunrise even if there is a side gate open. That’s a long story not worth re-telling. I recommend that you just go to the main entrance and buy a ticket like everybody else. Well, the weather didn’t cooperate and …

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Approach to Prambanan

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The approach to Prambanan temples honestly feels like you’re entering a sort of amusement park. The temples in the distance look surreal and staged as if they were purpose built for tourists to climb on, over, under and through them. The entrance is beautifully landscaped and there are street vendors selling all manner of knick knacks. It feels like a …

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Green Bay Indonesia – Teluk Hijau

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Green Bay Indonesia is a popular place for a local holiday on East Java Island. I was here on new year’s eve, but this wasn’t my destination. I was headed to Meru Betiri park when my driver; Rudy Hartono, pulled into a random parking area and didn’t tell me where we were going or why we were stopping here. He …

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Probolinggo Indonesia

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Probolinggo Indonesia. It’s not exactly a destination travel location. It’s not even the most exciting stop in East Java Indonesia. But this is what I’m looking for when I go out seeking photos and travel experiences. My driver stopped to get some lunch for himself and I took off down this path into the jungle. These villages can be found …