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Kawah Ijen Night Miners

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You’ve always wanted to do a four a.m. hike down a mountain in the dark ending at an acid sulphur lake right? Have I got just the place for you. I included Mount Ijen on my shot list for a one week trip around Java. The reason to go so early is to reach the bottom of the crater before sunrise and see the blue fires of ignited gas emitting from the vents of the volcano.

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Sunday Morning Cycling

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On Summer Sunday mornings you can usually find me riding somewhere in the foothills of Northern Colorado. I rarely take a camera with me. I want to just enjoy the ride and if I find a spot that’s worth photographing I’ll go back later and take my time making some images. Going out photographing with fellow cyclists at ideal times …

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Borobudur Temple

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I visited Borobudur Temple early in the morning hoping to get some epic sunrise photos. Don’t try to go in before sunrise even if there is a side gate open. That’s a long story not worth re-telling. I recommend that you just go to the main entrance and buy a ticket like everybody else. Well, the weather didn’t cooperate and …

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Rolling Green Olive Orchards of Morocco

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Northern Morocco is carpeted with olive orchards everywhere. For about half the year, they look like this. I was expecting the whole country to look like a desert punctuated by some mountains so this was a surprising sight. The next time I visit Morocco for a cycling vacation I’ll plan it during the spring so we get this lush green …

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Old World Cassette Shop

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Sometimes you turn a corner and do a double take. Am I really seeing this? Yep, that is a shop filled with nothing but cassette tapes. The thing that is both beautiful and frustrating about traveling in Morocco is that the country is stuck in an ancient time and happy to remain so. We stop in Fes for a rest …

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Mary’s Tomb in Jerusalem

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The view from the bottom of the stairs at Mary’s Tomb; better known as Tomb of the Virgin, in Jerusalem is kinda creepy and a little interesting. I had entered that door at the top of the stairs maybe five minutes prior, and was promptly turned away when I got to this point. You see, I hadn’t checked the times …