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Swamps of Magnolia Plantation

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The Swamps of Magnolia Plantation were a lot more interesting than the gardens. Maybe that’s because I’m not from here so it was a unique scene for me? Come on, I can see a garden just about anywhere in the world, and thousands of people photograph flowers. Spanish Moss on the trees, bamboo stands blocking out the sun, a charming …

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A Monotone Day at the Coast

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A monotone photography day happens when black and white is your best option. That great light is just not happening so go monotone. Just do it. I used to be so committed to getting the great sunset shot when the sky goes off and there are deep colors all over the place. Yes, of course that’s awesome but I decided …

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Chinese Wishing Tree

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Red ribbons tied on a Banyan Tree are a wishing tree or happiness tree. The higher you tie your ribbon on the tree the more happiness it brings you. When I took the photo I had no idea what the ribbons meant, I just thought it would make a nice picture. The more I travel, the more I appreciate the …

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Beijing Architecture Honors Old Traditions

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Beijing Architecture varies widely because so much history is still alive and preserved here. Everywhere you go around Beijing you will see old and new structures side by side. There are definitely plenty of high rises and office buildings that remind you this is a modern mega city. The Olympic Village and the Bird’s Nest are good examples that the …

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Solitary Sunset

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I spent about 30 minutes taking photos of a herd of Bighorn Sheep in the Badlands during sunset and was about to pack up for the night when a lone sheep broke from the herd and settled on this ridge all alone. There were maybe 20 people out on the road taking photos, and the herd of sheep stayed right …

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Pandora’s Box Metal Sculpture

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This Pandora’s Box sculpture is at Porter Sculpture Garden just outside Sioux Falls South Dakota. The sculpture garden is created by Ron Porter. He turned common scrap metal into art sculptures. Most of the art sculptures tend towards the bizarre like this one. Well it didn’t feel right to do something less than unusual with this image. This is not …

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Lost Highway Phone Booth

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I found this phone booth on PCH, Pacific Coast Highway 1 in California. There is almost no cell phone reception along the coastal highway and there are actually several of these phone booths to be found at stops along the coast. I stopped at Nepenthe in Big Sur to get some dinner and rest for a bit, then I walked out towards …