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My Travel Tales Podcast Conversation about travel, cycling and photography

This conversation for My Travel Tales touched on all of my favorite topics. Michael Hodgson is an industry pro at travel, photography, and also experienced on the topic of photography during a bike tour.

Michael's experience was immediately apparent by the questions he asked. If we met over a coffee or a beer this conversation could have gone on for hours. So what did we talk about and where in the recording is that bit?

Travel and photography topics we discuss

My takeaway from the conversation

When I end these podcast conversations I always feel like it was one sided. I wanted to learn more about Michael and his travel experiences. This one response of his impacted me so I want to reshare it here (at 28:50 on the recording).

In reply to resolving a difficult problem his father helped him with the answer and then added, "If I raised you right then I've given you all of the tools to do whatever you need to in life. How you use the tools is entirely up to you. There's a tool kit your parents gave you and that you are giving to your children. And they may realize they haven't used those tools in a while but travel will bring them out."  That's one of those hidden benefits of travel and something no formal education or amount of money can buy.

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My Travel Tales Podcast Conversation about travel, cycling and photography

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