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2018: October 13 & 14 - Marrakech Morocco

2019: September 27 & 28 - Snowmass Colorado

2019: October 18 & 19 - Florence Italy

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Day 1 Morning Session

Lesson: Make three totally unique edits of one image and save them each to a different collection.

Learn About: The important parts of the development panel for making global adjustments affecting the look and feel of the entire image.

  • Basic Adjustments: camera & lens corrections, perspective, cropping & straightening, how to read a histogram, black & white point vs shadows & highlights, white balance, chromatic aberrations, hue/saturation/luminance, split toning, how to use the tone curve during editing, denies and sharpening.
  • Saving and using presets
  • Creating and saving multiple edits of one image

Day 1 Afternoon Session

Lesson: Edit three of your own images using both global and zone edits. Export each of them to your desktop in three different sizes.

Learn About: Making clean zone edits to call attention to one small part of the overall image.

  • Radial and Grad filters, Filter brush
  • Luminosity and Color selections
  • Replace tool - dust spots and other stuff
  • Instructors edit their own photos with step by step explanation of their choices.
  • Export your edited images - Set up and save export settings. Common sizing and general rules for image export

Day One Wrap up - Common mistakes and how to avoid them:

  • Chromatic abbe-what?
  • Fringing
  • Banding
  • HDR ick
  • Clarity and sharpening oh my
  • How and when to use filters and presets

Day 2 Morning Session

Lesson: Make three unique edits - one HDR image, one black and white image, make a bold color choice or add depth using dodging and burning.

Learn About: creative editing inside Lightroom

  • When to do further edits: theory about focal points in an image; directing a viewers attention.
  • HDR in Lightroom even from a single image
  • Panorama in Lightroom
  • When to convert to black and white
  • Color selections, variations and creative choices
  • Luminance masking
  • Dodging and Burning in Lightroom

Day 2 Afternoon Session

Lesson: Edit all five of your own images to have a consistent look.

Learn About: making consistent edits to really define your style

  • Do you need a workflow?
  • LR Classic & CC together
  • Synching adjustments across multiple images
  • Consistency across edits - making several images feel the same
  • 3rd party plugins
  • When has a creative edit gone too far

Bonus if there’s time: what are the advantages to learning Photoshop?

Professional photographers give live coaching on your own photos. Walk through basics all the way to advanced techniques in this Lightroom workshop.