I add on this lightroom workshop to the end of my photography trips for guests who were on the tour to spend focused time reviewing and editing the images they just spent several days capturing. You don't have to be part of a tour to do the lightroom workshop. These are open to the public as well.

If you'd like to schedule your own private workshop with a group of friends, just send me a message. I can do custom dates anywhere in the US.

Day 1 Morning Session

Lesson: Make three totally unique edits of one image and save them each to a different collection.

Learn About: The important parts of the development panel for making global adjustments affecting the look and feel of the entire image.

  • Basic Adjustments: camera & lens corrections, perspective, cropping & straightening, how to read a histogram, black & white point vs shadows & highlights, white balance, chromatic aberrations, hue/saturation/luminance, split toning, how to use the tone curve during editing, denies and sharpening.
  • Saving and using presets
  • Creating and saving multiple edits of one image

Day 1 Afternoon Session

Lesson: Edit three of your own images using both global and zone edits. Export each of them to your desktop in three different sizes.

Learn About: Making clean zone edits to call attention to one small part of the overall image.

  • Radial and Grad filters, Filter brush
  • Luminosity and Color selections
  • Replace tool - dust spots and other stuff
  • Instructors edit their own photos with step by step explanation of their choices.
  • Export your edited images - Set up and save export settings. Common sizing and general rules for image export

Day One Wrap up - Common mistakes and how to avoid them:

  • Chromatic aberrations, what's that?
  • Fringing
  • Banding
  • HDR ick
  • Clarity and sharpening oh my
  • How and when to use filters and presets

Day 2 Morning Session

Lesson: Make three unique edits - one HDR image, one black and white image, make a bold color choice or add depth using dodging and burning.

Learn About: creative editing inside Lightroom

  • When to do further edits: theory about focal points in an image; directing a viewers attention.
  • HDR in Lightroom even from a single image
  • Panorama in Lightroom
  • When to convert to black and white
  • Color selections, variations and creative choices
  • Luminance masking
  • Dodging and Burning in Lightroom

Day 2 Afternoon Session

Lesson: Edit all five of your own images to have a consistent look.

Learn About: making consistent edits to really define your style

  • Do you need a workflow?
  • LR Classic & CC together
  • Synching adjustments across multiple images
  • Consistency across edits - making several images feel the same
  • 3rd party plugins
  • When has a creative edit gone too far
Lightroom Two Day Workshop with Intentionally Lost and Kevin Wenning

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