There are two different license types available for use of images from Intentionally Lost™ and Kevin Wenning.

  1. Creative Commons Share Alike Non-Commercial license
  2. License to Copyright

1) Under Creative Commons Share Alike Non-Commercial license you are free to share, copy, and transmit the image under these conditions:

  • Share-Alike: Images you share must carry these same terms of use as the original image, meaning that others are free to share or remix your creation under the same Creative Commons Share Alike Non-Commercial License.
  • Non-Commercial: The image must not be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances - see the sample accepted uses below.

I am happy for customers, partners and press to use Intentionally Lost images and resources without contacting me for prior permission. If you’re using these assets on a website or a social media post, please include a link back to this site. Sample use of images:

  • Promoting a podcast episode we have recorded together.
  • Resharing images on social media platforms provided you link back to Kevin Wenning social profiles or to this website;
  • Reference materials for photography education articles or videos.

2) License To Copyright

‘Commercial Use’ of images is defined very broadly based on the contextual use of the image. The determination is NOT based on the tax-filing status of the entity using the image nor on whether or not a financial transaction takes place on a page or social channel where our images are used.

Commercial use of our images is allowed only if expressly granted by Kevin Wenning. All commercial uses will incur a licensing fee. Our fees are based on the following criteria:

  • Media – print, web, television, etc.
  • Distribution Size – number of copies printed, viewing audience size, exposure (regional, national, international)
  • Length of Use – 1 year, 2 years, etc.
  • Prominence of Display – 1/4 page, 1/2 page, full page, spread, front cover, back cover, home page (online), interior page (online), etc.

Sample Use Requiring A License To Copyright:

  • A marketing campaign for a commercial or non-profit entity.
  • A fund-raising campaign for a not-for profit entity.
  • Use on a a website that sells a product or profits from affiliate sales.
  • Creating an art print to hang in a private home or place of business.

All licensing inquiries should be sent using the form below or emailed to: licensing

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