Iao Valley in Maui Β© IntentionallyLost.com

Iao Valley in Maui

Iao Valley is an easy day trip from Kaului Airport in Maui. I hear there are nice beaches on the north shore of Maui too. Why would anyone want to sit on a beach when they can hike in a jungle, get rained on, and come back covered in mud? Yes that is rhetorical. My idea of a good time may be a little off, and I’ll own that. I only had a couple of days on the island for this trip so waiting for better weather wasn’t an option.

For about a year I wouldn’t even go out with my camera if the weather was less than ideal. I passed up a lot of good photos and chances to explore new places in that year. Now I make sure to be prepared for any weather, and make the most of whatever comes. In this case, I found my composition and then waited for the sun to break through the clouds. I was hoping for even a few seconds of sun to illuminate something; anything, and I got a little bit lucky.

Iao Vally trail © IntentionallyLost.com

Iao Vally hike © IntentionallyLost.com

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