Ditching Digimarc, digital watermark for your photos?

Ditching Digimarc was an easy decision after I spent just a couple of hours to see if Digimarc was actually working for me. I’m sure Digimarc is a great tool when used in the right way for the right purposes. Their individual user pricing features are essentially useless. Isn’t it the worst when you think you found something to scratch an itch or solve a problem and the promise turns out to be hollow? There are better ways to protect and claim copyright on your images. I wrote about a personal experience with photo sharing, digital ownership and watermarking one year a go. After having someone steal that photo, I went in search of a software to claim digital ownership of my photos without having to put my name or logo over the top of every photo I publish. Digimarc has been around for a while and is used by a lot of photographers. I couldn’t find anyone giving a review of Digimarc for personal use so I had to try it for myself to know if it would work. Watch the video to see how that turned out.

I did already say it’s useless so that’s the TLDR take away. There were two things I was expecting Digimarc to do for me, and it didn’t do either.  I was expecting it to 1) tell me where my photos are being used online. 2) Persist in the image on social networks regardless of being resized and compressed.

So for the next year I’m going to be ditching Digimarc to try Ascribe is a young company and technology with good promise to solve the digital ownership problem. Right now their service is free so I’m definitely giving it a try. Even if you do use a software to do some sort of tracking of your photos, the photo metadata is still the most reliable way to do it for now so don’t forget to use those tried and true tools until these digital watermarking tools mature for a while longer.